31 Super-Cool Car Accessories

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by Edward Potter, 12 November 2018. Amazon Associates Disclosure.

Do you remember that feeling when you got into your new car for the very first time?

Even if it wasn't a brand new car, it's a new car to you and there is a real excitement about driving it for the first time and discovering everything that it can do. Well, I'll let you into a little secret - cool car accessories can give you that same 'new car feeling' every time you drive it!

Choosing the best car accessories is a great way of customising your motor and making the vehicle more individual to you.

Whether you're looking for yourself or thinking up Christmas and birthday gift ideas for a loved one, this Fresh Addiction guide is the ultimate list of smart car accessories. If you've recently read the Fresh Addiction guide to clever camping gadgets then you know you're in for a treat...

1. Lost Key Finder

This first item on our the list is a must-have car accessory for anyone that is always misplacing their car keys. You know who you are!

Put simply, a lost key finder is a small car key gadget that attaches to your keyring and then makes a noise when called so you can easily locate a lost set of keys.

You call the lost key finder by using a free app on your mobile phone. Another advantage of this essential device is that it can work the other way around by calling your phone when a button is pressed on the lost key finder itself. Now you'll never lose your keys, or your phone. Sorted!

EAGLESTIME Bluetooth Lost Key Finder


2. Compact Jump Starter

Hmm.. The engine won't turn over on your car and now you have to get into the nitty-gritty of jump starting your car.

Ordinarily you're going to need a set of jump leads and a helpful motorist who's willing to let you 'borrow' the battery on their own car however this next car accessory doesn't require either.

A compact jump starter is a portable device that possesses enough power to jump start your broken-down car on it's own. The compact jump starter sold by Autone and featured below, is an essential car accessory that's just 18.5cm long and has the added feature of being able to charge your mobile phone and laptop when not rescuing your car.

Autone Portable Jump Starter


3. Car Seat Gap Filler

You know that hard-to-reach gap between your driver's seat and the middle bit of your car? Isn't it always the place where you manage to drop your food, important bits of paper and the only useable pen you have in your car.

Once lost down the gap, these things are impossible to retrieve but now there's a car seat accessory that prevents them falling down there in the first place. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the car seat gap filler.

This universal car accessory can fit any make and model of car and essentially attaches around your seat belt socket to fill the gap between your car seat and central console.

Vzer Car Seat Gap Filler


4. Seatbelt Cutter / Window Breaker

The seatbelt cutter / window breaker is an essential car accessory that you hope you'll never need to use.

This 2-in-1 piece of safety equipment can easily break a car window in the event of an emergency and the seatbelt cutter can easily slice through a car seatbelt should your seatbelt fail to open in a car accident.

These handy gadgets are compact too so why not have piece of mind and keep one to hand in your car glove box or central console.

Seatbelt Cutter & Window Breaker


5. Widescreen Rear View Mirror

A rear view mirror is one those brilliant inventions that we use every time we drive our cars. But what about if you could see more?

A widescreen rear view mirror can be easily clipped onto your existing rear view mirror to allow you to see more of what's going on behind you while at the wheel.

These handy car mirror accessories are great if you've got kids in the back of the car because you can see more of what the lil' scamps are up to. Another advantage of a larger rear view mirror is that you can see the blind spots towards the back of your car which makes for safer overtaking.

XXL Widescreen Rear View Mirror


6. Windscreen Wiper Sticker

If you're the sort of person who likes novelty car accessories then you're going to love these super-cute windscreen wiper stickers.

These fun sticker designs are easily attached to your rear windscreen wiper and mimic the motion of an animal wagging their tail. Get ready for a good few smiles from fellow drivers and passengers when they see these stickers on your car for the first time.

You can get these creative windscreen wiper sticker designs in different animals and coloured designs so you're sure to find something to match your personality and style.

3D Cat Windscreen Wiper Sticker


7. Car Window Wind Deflector

A cool, designer car accessory that also performes an important function on your car; wind deflectors are must-have car window accessories that will instantly add something special to your motor.

Car window wind deflectors are an easily installed gadget that helps to reduce wind turbulence when you have your window open when driving. The deflectors are made of 3mm thick tinted acrylic and are available for most makes and models of car.

A great way to find a set that will fit your car is to use the search function on either Amazon and eBay that allows you to search for car accessories specifically designed for your car's make and model.

VW Mk7 Golf Car Window Wind Deflectors
(Front & Rear, 4-Piece Set)


8. Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder

Remember when it was all the rage to have a state-of-the-art satellite navigation device in your car? A sat nav was like having every map of the UK inside one handy device however before long we realised it was much more convenient to have all that functionality on your phone instead.

All long as you have your phone you will always know where you are going however one problem is how to securely attach your phone to your car so you can use it hands-free at the wheel?

The solution. A flexible car phone accessory that uses magnets to securely hold your phone at any angle you choose. The magnetic mobile phone holder sold by Wuteku and featured below, includes 6 magnets for a super-secure grip on your phone and enjoys a 5-star rating on Amazon.

Wuteku Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder


9. Car Bra

If you're like me, you may have seen car bras fitted to other people's cars and always wondered what they were for?

Essentially, a car bra is fitted piece if material that's designed to protect your car bonnet from scratches and any other damage that can be caused from everyday driving.

In recent times these cool car accessories have become really popular and this rise in popularity it's as much for their protective quality as it is for how a car bra can enhance the look of your car. Just like car window wind protectors, car bras are available for most vehicle makes and models and can be easily found on Amazon and eBay.

Audi A5 Black Car Bra


10. Personalised Car Air Freshener

Getting into your car when you've just bought a new air freshener is one of life's little pleasures.

These days though, your car air freshener is as much about how it smells as it is about how it looks. Air fresheners are the new fashion accessories for your car so why not choose one that's personal to you?

Think about it, what's more personal than an air freshener that made of your favourite photo? A personalised air freshener can be made up of any photo you like and you can also choose the scent. These fun car accessories made great gift ideas too!

Personalised Car Air Freshener


11. Tyre Pressure Dust Caps

Did you know that under-inflated tyres can make your car less efficient, meaning you use more petrol which costs you more money?

That's right, under-inflated tyres are not a motorist's friend but the problem is how do you keep a check on your car's tyre pressure. Well, there just so happens to be a new car accessory that can help.

Tyre pressure dust caps are a brilliant piece of car wheel equipment that allows you to always keep a check on tyre pressure. These universal dust caps can be fitted to any vehicle and they use a visible colour system to tell you when you need to pump your tyres up.

Tyre Pressure Dust Caps (Set of 4)


12. Branded Keyring

Did you know that your car keys can be a great way of accessorising your car. Think about it, your car keys are the one part of your car that you always carry with you so why make the most of them.

One car key accessory idea is to invest in a key ring that showcases the make of your car. Whether you've got a high end motor like a BMW or a Mercedes, or perhaps a more affordable car like a Skoda or a Vauxhall, there will be a manufacturer keyring to match your vehicle.

You could even have a manufacturer keyring that isn't the brand of the car you own. Hey, just because you can't afford a Porsche doesn't mean to can't own a genuine Porsche keyring. 'Fake it until you make it' is what I say.

Porsche Red Leather Keyring


13. Funny Car Sticker

If you're the type of person who doesn't take themselves too seriously then you're going to love this next accessory idea.

This next super-cool car accessory is a funny sticker for your car. A fun car sticker is a great way of showing off your individual personality and sense of humour.

These fun car accessories are available as lots of clever quotes and what's great is they're easy to apply and easy to remove if you fancy changing-up to a different sticker in the future. The only question now is what car sticker design is best for you?

'If You Think This Is Slow' Car Sticker


14. Car Seat Storage Net

Have you ever been on a long journey in your car and thought how have I accumulated so much rubbish and clutter by the time you reach the destination?

Don't worry, you're not the only one who struggles for space in their car however we have discovered a must-have car accessory that helps organise your vehicle during a long trip.

What we have discovered is a handy car storage net that can be hung between the two front seats to provide a great place to store bottles, baby wipes, food or whatever you need for your road trip. This easy to install car tidy can be attached to any car interior and it's position between the two front seats means is within easy reach of everyone in the car.

Universal Car Seat Net


15. Car Window Shade

Anyone who has young children and pets knows how important it is to keep your passengers cool and in the shade when driving in your car.

Of course some modern cars have combated this problem by having blacked-out windows fitted in the rear of their car however we're not all so lucky to have this feature so what are the alternatives?

One car window accessory that can help to block the sun from entering your car is a detachable car window shade. A car window shade is essentially a car window-shaped black sock that is designed to fit most car window sizes and helps to block out the sun and those pesky UV rays. A great car accessory for kids!

Car Window Shade (2 Pack)


16. Dashboard Mat

When we're out and about and driving our car it's important to have all our little bits with us like our keys, phone, money, etc.

The problem with having all this stuff with us in the car is where do your keep it when you're busy driving? You could keep your bits in the driver's side door compartment or on the front passenger seat, if you're alone in the car, but these aren't great solutions.

What you really need to safely store your stuff in the car is a special dashboard mat, like the one featured below. These clever car dashboard accessories can be placed on any car and they are specially manufactured to make things stick to them even when driving. Genius!

Extra Large Non-Slip Car Dashboard Mat


17. Car Windscreen Cover

You wake up on a cold winter morning to discover that it's snowed over night and so now your car very closely resembles the inside of a freezer. This is a problem because now you have to try and defrost your car windshield before you can set off for work.

You could of course use de-icer or start scraping away at your windscreen and windows however there is in fact a better solution and it starts from the night before the snow.

What I'm talking about here is a windscreen cover that you put on your car at night to protect it against the elements. The car windscreen cover sold by LykusSource is a must have car accessory that can be set up in seconds, folds away for easy storage and attaches to your car interior so won't be at risk of being stolen at night. Perfect!

LykusSource Car Windscreen Cover


18. Kids Tablet Holder

Let's be honest, every skilled parent knows that one of the best ways to entertain children in the car is to give them your smart phone so they can watch YouTube videos of other kids opening presents or playing with expensive toys.

Giving your kids your phone to entertain them in the car is a stress-free driving idea however it can also be a problem because you also need your phone in the car because a phone these days doubles-up as your sat nav and MP3 player.

The win-win solution here is to give the kids your iPad or tablet so you get to keep your phone. Even better still, why not wrap your iPad in a handy holder case that can either be easily held by tiny hands or alternatively attaches itself to the back of the headrest so all the kids can watch a movie or on-demand TV.

Koooky Boo Kids iPad Case


19. Rain Repellent Spray

If you've never heard of rain repellent spray before then you're about to discover a seriously cool car cleaning accessory.

Rain repellent spray is a clear solution that you spray on to your windshield to make your car windows more visible. This genius spray uses a special mix that prevents water from sticking to your windows so appearing much more viable in wet driving conditions.

As well as improving driving visibility, the 2-in-1 product can also be used as highly effective de-icer.

Rain-X Rain Repellent Spray


20. Pet Hair Remover

Taking the dog out for a day's walking is a brilliant way that both you and your best friend can spend a little time in the great outdoors and get some much needed exercise.

One of the drawbacks however, of having your dog in the car, is that they do tend so leave an extraordinary amount of hair on your car's interior.

When it does come to finally cleaning your car, pet hair can be a real problem so what you need is a really effective pet hair removal tool. A pet hair removal brush is a fantastic dog car accessory that works to effortlessly remove stubborn pets hairs from your car's upholstery.

Pet Hair Removal Brush


21. Car Seat Organiser

Next up is another great car accessory for kids and another idea that will help to organise your car during long journeys on the road.

The car seat organiser is a multi-pocket accessory that you can attach to the back of either front car seat. Once attached, this essential organiser has a place for everything you might need for a trip in the car.

As well as pockets for drinks, tissues, baby wipes and kids toys; the car seat organiser featured below includes a handy viewing window that is compatible with most handheld tablet devices.

Universal Car Seat Organiser


22. First Aid Kit Torch

If this clever gadget idea looks familiar to you then you've probably been reading our recent guide to clever camping gadgets.

We featured this torch in our recent camping gadgets list because it was such a handy item to have with you when away camping and we think that it's just as true for the car.

This must have car accessory combines a torch and a first aid kit meaning you will never be without either when you're on the road. Keep this 2-in-1 car torch in your glove box or central console and enjoy piece of mind wherever you go.

VSSL First Aid Kit Torch


23. 6-Port USB Car Charger

Tell me, do you have that friend or family member who asks to charge their mobile phone the second they get in your car?

Of course you have, we all have, and what's annoying is that 'yes you do have an in car phone charger' but it's reserved for charging 'your' phone. What you need to satisfy your power hungry friend is a USB car phone charger that can charge multiple devices at the same time.

A 6-port USB car charger can charge up to your 6 devices at the same time so if you need it to, you can charge your mobile phone, tablet, laptop computer and the mobile phones of 3 passengers all at the same time.

VOGEK 6-Port USB Charger


24. Headrest Tablet Mount

Earlier in this guide we mentioned that a tablet holder case was a great car accessory for kids but what if you have more than one child and only one tablet?

Of course you could give one of your kids the tablet and another child your mobile phone to entertain them on the car journey but you might need to phone to use as a sat nav or to make a call.

One way of easily sharing a tablet is to mount it to your headrest so all of your backseat passengers can watch a movie or on-demand TV programme in the car. A headrest tablet mount is a smart car accessories can be attached to any car headrest and they are designed to hold any tablet or mobile phone model.

iKross Headrest Tablet Mount


25. Digital Breathalyser

Now I know what you're going to say - you never drink and drive so you would have no need to have a breathalyser.

I'm the same, I would never have a drink and then get behind the wheel but this car accessory idea isn't for the night before but more the morning after.

These days you are at much at risk of being prosecuted for drink driving in the morning after a night out as you are the night before. Therefore this essential car accessory is a great way to accurately test the amount of alcohol you have in you system so you know when it's safe to get back behind the wheel in the morning after a night on the tiles.

Digital Breathalyser


26. Cool Dust Caps

Car wheel dust caps, boring you say? Well what would you think if I told you that you can now buy dust caps for your car that are anything but boring.

It's now possible to buy dust caps in a multitude of colours, shapes and themes. These cute car accessories are a great way of personalising your wheels and putting your own stamp on your car.

Cool car dust caps can be fitted to any vehicle and they are just as solid and durable as the caps that originally came with your car. The only question now is, what style best suits your car?

Emoji Car Dust Caps (Set of 4)


27. Car Dream Catcher

A dream catcher... In your car? No, I haven't gone mad (just yet) because these days it's considered very cool to hang a dream catcher in your car.

These highly fashionable, girly car accessories have already become popular to hang in the bedroom and now they have become just as popular for the car.

Car dream catchers are available in lots of different colours and sizes so you're sure to find something that matches your individual car decor. These brilliant car accessories for women would make a great birthday or Christmas gift idea or a thoughtful present if your loved one has just bought a new car.

Pink Car Dream Catcher


28. Headrest Hooks

Where do you put your shopping bags when you've been to the supermarket or spent a day splurging on new clothes or things for the home?

You could put your bags in either the boot, back seats or up from with you in the front passenger seat however the problem with all of these spots is that shopping bags do have tendency to go flying about when your go round corners or bounce over speed bumps.

The solution? A clever car travel accessory that turns your headrest into a handy hook. Headrest hooks are simple to install and can be fitted to any car headrest so now you can be safe in the knowledge that your milk will still the the right way up when you reach your destination.

Car Headrest Hanger Hook (2 Pack)


29. Funky Car Mats

Adding the little touches to your car interior is a great way of adding your own personality and style to your vehicle and one really easy way of styling up your car is to invest in some funky car mats.

What's great too is that there are more patterned and coloured car mats on the market in the UK than ever before so you're sure to find a design you like.

The floral car mat design featured below is a gorgeous in-car accessory idea that will add a pretty, minimalist look to your car decor.

Daisy Floral Car Mats (Set of 4)


30. LED Interior Car Lighting

Have you ever thought about the idea of adding interior lighting to your car?

LED strip lighting is simple to install and it can completely transform how your car interior looks. Modern LED strip lighting is really cool, not only does it allow you to choose your own lighting colour but it can also react to the music playing in your car.

The LED strip lighting from Justech (featured below) includes 4 sound activated colour changing modes that will react to the type of music playing in your car. This fun car accessory is a must-have for anyone who wants to add something stylish and creative to their car.

Justech 12V LED Strip Car Lighting


31. Patterned Seat Belt Cover

Did you know that you can now buy seat belts covers in lots of different styles, patterns and colours.

These cute car accessories are a great gift idea for someone that's just bought a new car and what's handy is that they can be fitted to any make and model of vehicle.

There are lots of beautiful and creative designs out on the market but one of my favourites is this colourful, floral design sold by Etsy seller Lilily Designs.

Floral Seat Belt Cover


And that completes our list of the best car accessories on the market in the UK. Which of our ideas would work best in your car?

Don't forget that cool car accessories make excellent gift ideas so if you've got a birthday or special occasion coming up then why not give the gift of something amazing for their car.

For more accessories ideas take a look at the Fresh Addiction guide to funky office desk accessories.

Thanks for reading guys and drive safely.


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