7 Inspired Office Desk Accessories

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by Edward Potter, 24 November 2018. Amazon Associates Disclosure.

The office, either at work or home, is a great place to knuckle down and get some work done. When you're at your desk you want to be focused, relaxed and in a creative mindset.

One way to achieve this productive state-of-mind is to have a stylish collection of office desk accessories to hand.

Boring office stationary make for a boring day so why not add a little fun to your work space with these unique office desk accessories ideas from the team here at Fresh Addiction. We've scoured the web to find you some of the coolest and most creative stationary supplies around.

1. Funky Pen Holder

If you're anything like me then you are forever losing your favourite pen throughout the day. It can be so frustrating because one minute it's there and the other it's completely disappeared!

Wouldn't it be great if you had a pen holder handy that was both functional and fun?

What you need here is a handy sidekick that will hold your pen for you while you tap away furiously at your computer.

This novel pen holder, affectionately called 'Dead Fred', is the perfect desk accessory to have with you while you're sat at your desk.

'Dead Fred' Funky Pen Holder


2. Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder

Be honest, how much time do you spend looking at your phone while working at your desk?

For lots of us our mobile phone plays a big part in how we stay connected with the world and so it's important to have it close by when you're at your desk.

An adjustable stand for your phone or tablet computer is a novel office desktop accessory because it allows your device's screen to be always facing you throughout the day.

You no longer need to be continuously picking up your phone to read the latest notifications and the adjustable stand means you can position things just the way you like them. Perfect!

Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder


3. Fun Glasses Holder

Anyone that wears glasses knows how important it is to have them to hand when you're busy working hard in the office.

Rather than just placing your glasses on your desk when you're not using them, why not stand them on a funky glasses holder instead?

This particular spectacle stand, sold by etsy.com, is one of those fun office accessories that also has a duel function. As well as comfortably holding your glasses, this stand doubles up as a pen holder too.

Glasses & Pencil Cup Holder


4. The Ultimate Sticky Notes Set

Is there anything more useful around the office than sticky notes?

Sure, there are plenty of ways to remember all the things you have to do during the working day however nothing says do-to like a trusty sticky note.

Of course you could opt for having the standard small pad of sticky notes by your side throughout the day but we feel you need something better. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to the ultimate sticky notes set.

Multi-Colour Sticky Notes Set


5. Multi-Function USB Stick

The humble USB stick has become a must-have modern accessory for any home or work office. These brilliant, compact little devices have become the best way to manually export and transfer your files, photos and essential documents.

One drawback of the standard USB stick is that sometimes you need to plug your files into an SD card slot, a micro SD card slot or even the new micro USB slots.

The best solution to this problem is a multi-function USB stick that that can access all of these port sizes while also having ample memory space to store all the files you need.

Multi-Port USB Memory Stick


6. Staple-Less Stapler

The staple-less stapler is a revolutionary new office desk accessory that has replaced the standard stapler with a design that uses no staples whatsoever.

Instead of punching through the paper like a traditional stapler the stapleless design folds the paper into itself to create a secure fastening.

The advantages of a staple less stapler are that you never need to replace the staples, it's much better for environment and another advantage is that stapled documents can be easily shredded because you don't need to remove the staples beforehand.

Blue 10-Sheet Stapleless Stapler


7. Rose Gold Desk Accessories

One of the biggest colour trends of the last few years has been rose gold and copper.

It seems ever since Apple released the rose gold version of the iPhone that everything looks more fabulous in this hue.

Rose gold and copper accessories are now available for the kitchen, bathroom and everywhere else so why not the office?

One surefire way of adding a little more glamour to your desk is to equip yourself with a set of rose gold paper clips.

These beautiful paper clips are a great accompaniment to your other rose gold and copper desk accessories and just imagine how cool it would be to hand in your document fastened together by a rose gold paper clip!

Rose Gold Paper Clips


So, now that you've seen our list of office desk accessories ideas which one is your favourite?

If you'd like to take another look then head back up to the top of the page and use the quick links menu to jump back to your favourite accessories. If you would like to see more office ideas then a great place to look for inspiration is our 'office inspired' Office Life board on Pinterest.

If you would like to read another Fresh Addiction guide then why not take a look at our neat camping gadgets article that's perfect if your planning a camping holiday in the near future.

Thanks for reading and we wish your a very happy and successful day at the office.


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