About Us: The Fresh Addiction Story

Hi, my name is Edward Potter and Fresh Addiction is a website I've set up with the single goal of helping you find the next must-have item in your life.

I am a professional digital marketer and an amateur website developer but more importantly I have an addiction to shopping online.

I am in my element when I'm searching for gifts, accessories or gadgets ideas online and I wanted to create a website that would allow me to share my passion with the rest of the world.

Through FreshAddiction.com, I will share with you my guides to some of the coolest and most original product ideas on the web.

I have designed this website myself from the ground up and I want it to offer you a secure, friendly and easy-to-use space where you can discover your own Fresh Addiction.

Away from my work as a digital marketing executive at one of the UK's largest online bathroom retailers; I am a boyfriend to a beautiful girlfriend, father to a highly charismatic 3 year old; as well as being a keen sports fan, technology enthusiast and home owner.

I will write my guides about the things I love most and the things the people around me love most.

My very first guide was completed in November 2017 and it was dedicated to my girlfriend because she loves elephants so much. I have also just completed my second guide to funky office desk accessories (because I spend most of my day at a desk in work) and my next two guides will be all about clever camping gadgets and cool car accessories.

I really hope that you join me on my journey to develop Fresh Addiction and that you find the guides I write to be inspirational and fun to read.

I would love to hear any thoughts you have about this website so feel free to contact Fresh Addiction with any questions or ideas you have.

Another way to keep in touch with me and the website is to follow us on social media. Fresh Addiction currently has a page on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I would love for you to comment and share our posts on social media and be sure to enter our competitions to win some of the ideas featured on the website.

For more information about how the website earns advertising fees, here to read our Amazon Associates Disclosure.

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