28 Coolest Must-Have Camping Gadgets

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by Edward Potter, 4 June 2019. Amazon Associates Disclosure.

Ah the great British camping trip! Is there any better feeling than camping out under the stars and waking up to a beautiful morning in the great outdoors?

But wait, it's just dawned on you that you haven't packed a bottle opener and the washing up bowl is still in the kitchen sink at home... Nightmare!

Fear not though because as well as saving the day when you need an ice cold beer at the end (middle) of the day, a set of handy camping gadgets can make your trip more enjoyable because having the best camping gadgets can make your life easier when you're away.

Another advantage is that clever camping gadgets often perform a dual purpose so you might find that you don't have to pack as much stuff when you're preparing for your camping break.

I think we've all experienced the confusion when you come to load the car up at the end of a camping trip only to discover you haven't got enough space for all your gear. It all fit in the car when you arrived?

Right, with that said let's dive right in and reveal the Fresh Addiction list of the coolest must-have camping gadgets that you'll want for your next camping trip.

All the gadgets featured are available to buy right here in the UK and fall within an affordable price budget. Simply click any of the buttons below to buy your favourite gadgets today.

1. Collapsible Kitchenware

Let's start with a genius camping gadget that is guaranteed to save you space on your next camping trip.

Collapsible kitchenware is a clever camping hack because it means you won't have to leave any of the essential kitchen accessories at home for fear of over packing. It always seems to be the thing you leave behind that you end up needing the most on your camping holiday.

Collapsible kitchenware is now available in a whole host of accessories that include collapsible pans, collapsible washing up bowls and even collapsible kettles.

One of the most popular collapsible ranges available to buy in the UK is the 'collaps' collection by trusted outdoor brand Outwell. The Outwell Collaps range is made from a combination of bpa-free silicone & stainless steel and includes this brilliant collapsible kettle, featured below.

Outwell Collaps Kettle

✓ In Stock

2. Inflatable Solar Lantern

Staying with the whole collapsible theme, did you know that you can now buy inflatable solar lanterns?

Easy to store flat for storage or during transit: an inflatable solar light is a clever camping gadget that can be used to illuminate your tent at night or to provide light when you sit finishing the last burgers of a barbecue as the sun goes down.

The inflatable solar lantern sold made by LuminAID is a great lighting idea that has a 5-star customer review on Amazon.

This lantern is completely waterproof, solar powered, folds flat when not in use and even floats. One other standout feature is that it glows in 8 different colours, amazing!

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Lantern

✓ In Stock

3. Multi-Purpose Spray Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated when you're camping is really important, especially so for children & pets and even more so when the weather is hot.

Having a good few camping water bottles handy is a clever way to ensure everyone in your family gets enough to drink throughout the day.

But what if your water bottle could do more than just hold water?

Allow me to introduce you to the idea of a spray water bottle.

This top camping gadget includes handy functions like the ability to create a water mist that's great for cooling down the little ones and water shy pets when the temperature rises.

Another function is a high-powered spray that could be used to clean dishes or remove sand from your feet after a day at the beach. It even works upside-down.

Lunatec Aquabot Spray Water Bottle

✓ In Stock

4. First Aid Kit Torch

A first aid kit is the one thing that you know you should have when planning a camping trip but also last thing to go on your long list of things to take camping.

The solution here is a must-have camping gadget that combines a first aid kit with something you always need on a camping holiday - a torch!

The first aid kit torch is an incredibly useful item that you will use everyday and it will always be there should anyone on your trip need basic medical attention while your away.

The VSSL first aid torch, featured below, comes with a wide range of bandages, medical accessories and over-the-counter painkillers.

Never forget the first aid kit again!

VSSL First Aid Kit Torch

✗ Sold out

5. Pocket Blanket

When it comes to handy camping gadgets, a fantastic idea is to bring along a portable pocket-sized blanket.

These space-saving camping blankets are great to use as a duvet at night or alternatively use them as a seating area around your tent.

Pocket blankets are so compact that you can easily take them on days out.

The pocket blanket featured below measures 1700mm x 1400mm and has an added featured where the corners are pocketed and have a hole in them, meaning you can pin the blanket to the floor on windy days.

Pocket Blanket

✓ In Stock

6. Waterproof Capsule

The next camping gadget on the list was going to be waterproof matches to help light a fire in any weather conditions but then we came across something even better.

What we discovered was the idea of a waterproof capsule that could keep your matches and many more things dry while your away camping.

The Chytaii waterproof capsule is a neat camping gadget that can keep things like matches, money and medication dry and and in a safe place.

Measuring 100mm long by 310mm in diameter, this portable waterproof container is so small you could easily take it on days out while on your camping holiday.

Waterproof Capsule

✓ In Stock

7. Credit Card Axe

Now I know what you're thinking, "I'm going on a camping trip not a Bear Grills Survival Course".

On first sight the credit card axe might seem like more of a survival tool but on closer inspection you will discover that this cool camping gadget can perform multiple important tasks.

As well as functioning as an axe when attached to a stick or branch, the Survco Credit Card Axe also has 20 other functions that include bottle opener, screw socket, nail puller, flat head screwdriver and knife.

This awesome camping tool is so compact that it can even fit in your wallet, measuring approximately 86mm x 54mm.

Survco Tactical Credit Card Axe

✓ In Stock

8. Camping Cooking Set

Admit it, do you find yourself raiding your kitchen at home for knives, barbecue tongs, cooking spoons and everything else you might need for cooking while you're away camping?

Don't worry, your not alone but it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of raiding the kitchen, why not have a compact camping cooking set that has everything you need for your outdoor kitchen.

The camping cooking set from Gsi is a clever camping gadget that has 24 essential cooking utensils that includes knives, a cheese grater, a collapsible whisk and it even has 4 sets of cutlery so the whole family can enjoy your culinary masterpieces while you're on holiday.

Gsi Camping Cooking Set

✓ In Stock

9. Solar Charging Backpack

You say it every camping trip - "I won't use my mobile phone while I'm away camping" but in reality you're checking the latest football scores and going on Facebook on you're phone by the time you've put the tent up.

The problem with mobile phones is they are always running out of battery so you need a new type of camping gadget that can charge you're phone when you haven't got a power socket available.

A solar charging backpack is a lightweight and durable travel bag that also doubles up as a solar charging unit. The solar powered backpack from ECEEN includes a built-in battery that is compatible with charging iPhones, Android devices and any almost every other electrical device on the market in the UK.

ECEEN Solar Powered Backpack

✗ Sold out

10. Inflatable Chair

If you're the kind of person who is never really comfortable sitting in a camping chair then you're going to love this top new camping gadget.

The TRONO inflatable chair is the comfiest camping seat on the planet!

Made from commercial parachute-grade material; this ergonomically designed chair is self-inflating, super-compact (when not in use) and comes with a no-quibble 2 year warranty. Hands up who wants to try it out?

TRONO Inflatable Chair

✓ In Stock

11. Waterproof Playing Cards

One question that I always love to hear when I'm away camping is - "fancy a game of cards".

There is no better feeling than holding the winning hand when playing cards but don't you just hate when your playing deck gets tired and worn out.

Rather than buying a new set of cards each year, why not invest in one of the latest camping gadgets instead. Air Deck are a super-durable set of playing cards that are also waterproof and washable. Who fancies a game of cards in the swimming pool this holiday?

Air Deck Playing Cards

✓ In Stock

12. Nano Towel

Did you know that towels and bedding are two of the bulkiest items to pack when preparing for a camping trip?

The lighter you travel the better when camping so anything that can save space and still retain it's function is a must-have.

A nano towel is a full sized camping towel that can be stored in a compact carry case and then clipped to a bag or rucksack. The towel itself is made from super-absorbent, lightweight material that's extremely fast drying. A truly great camping gadget!

Matador NanoDry Towel

✗ Sold out

13. Sticky Foot Pads

Are you sort of person that really enjoys walking around barefoot while camping but worries about damaging your feet on rough or hot surfaces?

If so then the solution to your problem is a sticky foot pad that protects for feet from the elements without having to wear shoes, boots or flip flops.

Stick on foot pads are an easy-to-put-on pad that sticks to the bottom of your feet. This cool camping gadget is available in 4 different sizes and 3 different colours and can even be trimmed to perfectly match your individual foot shape.

Stick-On Foot Pads

✓ In Stock

14. Keyring Torch

Yes, that's right, you can now buy a torch that is small enough to attach to your keyring.

These handy camping gadgets are brilliant because now you'll always have a torch should you need it. No more late night toilet trips in the dark and no more searching for the tent zip in the pitch black.

The SlugHaus Bullet keyring light, sold by Amazon, is an LED torch that measures 10mm x 26mm and includes a tiny handle that can be easily attached to your keyring.

SlugHaus Bullet Keyring Light

✗ Sold out

15. Fork Knife Spoon

Bringing along the right set of cutlery when camping is really important at meal times.

The problem with getting that decision right is that plastic knives and forks aren't great to eat with, metal cutlery is really bulking and expensive, and disposable cutlery is bad for the environment.

The solution that clears all those negatives is a combined metal fork, knife and spoon. These weird camping gadgets might look a little strange but they will make camping chow time so much easier.

3-In-1 Fork Knife Spoon

✓ In Stock

16. Tiny Bottle Opener

There are so many amazing things about camping in the great outdoors but surely one them has to be drinking an ice cold beer around a campfire with your friends and family.

But before you can enjoy your favourite beverage you have to tackle the obstacle of opening it!

Rather than bringing the family bottle opener from your kitchen, why not instead bring along the world's smallest bottle opener? This top camping gadget is a brilliant space-saving camping tool that would make a great gift idea for Christmas and birthdays.

Mini Keychain Bottle Opener

✓ In Stock

17. Wearable Sleeping Bag

Did you know that you can now buy a sleeping bag that you can wear?

These funky and functional camping accessories are just the thing for anyone that wants to stay warm and cosy even when it's not bedtime.

The wearable sleeping bag sold by Andes is a large sleeping bag available in black, green and purple. This innovative design includes zipped sleeves so you can wear the sleeping bag during the day and use it as a conventional sleeping bag at night.

Andes Wearable Sleeping Bag

✓ In Stock

18. No-Fuel Camping Stove

Having a cooker to heat up water and food while away is an essential piece of camping gear. You could of opt for a conventional gas powered camping stove however we've discovered something a little more minimalist that's also very cool too.

A wood burning camping stove burns twigs, leaves and anything else found on the floor while camping. These top camping gadgets are specially designed to generate the maximum heat from whatever you burn while also minimising the amount of smoke.

The TOMSHOO wood burning camping stove is one of the best value models on the market in the UK and it has an added feature of folding together for compact storage when not in use.

TOMSHOO Wood Burning Camping Stove

✓ In Stock

19. Glow-In-The-Dark Tent Pegs

Tripping yourself up on the guide ropes of your tent at night time has got to be one of the most annoying things to happen to you while you're on holiday camping.

Brightly coloured guide ropes are one solution to preventing you going flying however there is something better: glow-in-the-dark tent pegs.

Quite simply one of the best camping gadgets around, glow-in-the-dark tent pegs absorb sunlight throughout the day and then illuminate themselves at night. No more cursing and wailing when you sneak off for a midnight toilet trip.

20 Blue Diamond Glow Tent Pegs

✓ In Stock

20. Camping Toaster

Who likes a bacon butty in the morning when you're camping? Of course you do but the problem is it's really difficult to make toast on a camping stove so you're forced to use bread which falls apart as you tuck into your bacon sandwich.

However fear not bacon lovers because there is a neat camping gadget that makes preparing perfect toast a doddle.

The camping toaster is a specially-designed stainless steel plate that sits on top of your camping stove and allows you to make perfect, golden brown toast. Yum!

Bright Spark Camping Toaster

✓ In Stock

21. Collapsible Camping Chair

We've talked a lot about saving space in this gadget guide because space is at such a premium while you're packing up to go away camping. Camping chairs can take up a good bit of space so this next gadget tackles that problem.

The collapsible camping chair, sold by Thermarest, is a robust and comfy camping chair that can be folded down to approximately the size of a 1 litre bottle of water.

Weighing just over 1kg, this clever camping gadget is available in black, yellow and blue.

Therm-A-Rest Collapsible TReO Chair

✗ Sold out

22. Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

A camping holiday is such a great experience for all the family but isn't it just a pain when you all get bitten by insects, bitey-files and mosquitos.

One way to prevent bites is to wear a mosquito repellent wristband to wards off those pesky insects.

The ImiKas set of insect repellent bracelets are adjustable for both kids and adults and they come in 10 different colours. Once out the packet the wristbands last for up to 15 days so cover you for a two week holiday. This is a must have camping gadget that's great for families.

10 Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

✓ In Stock

23. Rainbow Fire

On the subject of great camping gadgets for kids and families, do you know that you can now buy something that turns your campfire into a cauldron of colour.

'Rainbow fire', as it's called, turns any fire into a multi-coloured display that will wow the kids and camping guests alike.

Each sachet lasts 30 minutes and is completely safe to use.

10 Mystical Fire Sachets

✓ In Stock

24. Waterproof Socks

If it rains while you're away camping then you suddenly find yourself on a constant mission to keep everything dry and out of reach of the weather.

Wet clothing is a real problem when camping because it can be difficult to get it dry again without easy access to a washing machine and dryer.

Waterproof socks are handy camping gadgets because now you no longer have to worry about soggy socks and cold feet. Genius!

SealSkinz Waterproof Socks

✓ In Stock

25. Heated Camping Chairs

If you're looking to take a luxury accessory on your next camping holiday then why not kit yourself out with a set of heated camping chairs?

These top camping gadgets will keep your bum toasty and warm for up to 6 hours per charge. They're waterproof too so don't worry too much about getting them wet.

The only downside to these camping chairs is how do you decide who gets one and who doesn't!

Chaheati Heated Camping Chairs (Pair)

✓ In Stock

26. Zippo Hand Warmer

Did you not know that Zippo make a sleek and lightweight hand warmer? Neither did I but now that I know, I want one.

The Zippo hand warmer releases 10 times more heat than a standard hand warmer and also uses Zippo's Easy-Fill technology so it's simple to refill and use again and again.

These great camping gadgets are available at a very affordable price and you can buy them in either chrome, matt back or camouflage.

Zippo Hand Warmer

✓ In Stock

27. Clip-On Torch

A good torch is one of the first things to put on your 'things to take camping' list because you know it's something that you'll definitely need while away.

These days however, you can now buy a torch that can be easily clipped on to your tent, table or even... you.

The clip-on torch by Lone Wolf kicks out 150 lumens of LED light and can be easily fastened on to anything thanks to it's rugged magnetic closure.

Lone Wolf Clip-On Torch Light

✓ In Stock

28. Mobile Phone Amplifier

This next cool camping gadget is something the whole family will enjoy.

A mobile phone amplifier is a simple camping accessory that makes your mobile or tablet much louder and more enjoyable to listen to.

Create the perfect atmosphere on your next camping trip with this lightweight and portable speaker solution.

Mobile Phone Amplifier Stand

✓ In Stock

And there we have it, the coolest must-have camping gadgets that we believe will make your next trip the best ever. Which of these cool camping gadgets was your favourite?

To buy any of the gadget ideas featured, simply click the button next to the gadget and use the quick jump menu at the top of the page to navigate quickly around this guide.

Also, don't forget to share this Fresh Addition guide with the people close to you that might find it useful for their next camping trip

Thank you for reading and we hope you have a great time on your next camping holiday.


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